Artists Statement-


The Natural World is a whispering gallery. It is a labyrinth whose language is defined in

visual form. Art for me is the core value of life. We are honed by time. Since my youth in

Scotland I have always been entranced by nature, exploring its wonders and being awed

by its mysteries. I use the vehicle of drawing, photography and more recently video to

creatively examine what is seen. Not to copy, but to orchestrate the elements of

information that gives substance to form. A sense of illusion often permeates the work.

One of my beliefs is that our genetic code harbors distant memories of our ancestral past.

We romanticize nature creating fascinating myths to often disguise it’s uncompromising

reality. Through my work I hope to suggest realms both within and beyond the viewers

experience. Coming from a land like Scotland one is aware that human history extends

through many millennia. Ancient stone obelisks on remote islands appear aligned to the

cosmos as if seeking to find how we are enmeshed into the fabric of the universe.

Humans are the wild card. We have inherited the stewardship of Earth. It is our only